Joining us this week in studio is familial crew member Lisha Brooks, actor/filmaker and sister to Michael. Follow Lisha on twitter @LegallyLeshaB and check out Beards: (

Brand Eff Up:

KWTX in Texas does gives everyone a behind-the-scenes look at old-school crisis management as Ken Starr, former special prosecutor of Bill Clinton’s sex life, is coached about whether he saw emails detailing rape allegations in his capacities at Baylor University. (

What’s Up & Good? Muhammad Ali.

Muhammad Ali’s legacy as a political figure and sports great. The difference between Muhammad Ali and Michael Jordan.

Phil: Eyes On The Prize (1987-1990 PBS documentary, available on YouTube.)

Michael: When We Were Kings (1996 documentary)

Lisha: Department of Speculation, 2014 novel by Jenny Offill