Brand Eff Up

“NBC’s Al Trautwig ‘Regrets’ Refusing to Acknowledge Simone Biles’s Adoptive Parents as Her Parents” Vulture. (

What's Up?

Frank Ocean's delays “Boys Don't Cry”

“Frank Ocean's Construction Project, Deconstructed,” The Atlantic (

“Is Frank Ocean’s New Album Now Coming in November?” High Snobiety (

No, Frank Ocean’s album still hasn’t come out,” Washington Post (

Phil’s notes: There is a desire (need) for artist to connect more directly to their audience. The promotion is planned and coming from Apple Music but it FEELS like it is directed by Ocean (of course with his vision I am sure). So if audiences are becoming smarter and traditional marketing promotion and schedules don't work then artist like Ocean can be visionary. Have to create that connection because of a more savvy connected audience.

What's Good “Urban world: The global consumers to watch,” McKinsey (

Diggin’ in the Crates:

Phil: Film - “Hav Plenty” (1997) Hyun: Novel - Americanah (Novel by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie) Michael: Film - “Spotlight” (2015)