Jessie Daniels, Professor of Sociology at Hunter College-CUNY, joins us in studio this week. Jessie’s academic work on racism and David Duke and Stormfront. White Supremacists making the jump from old media to the internet. KellyAnne Conway and White Feminism in the age of Trump. White womanhood and the ability to “be fancy.” Emma Watson, Beyonce, and the interplay between identity positionality and privilege in discourse.

Jessie Daniels is an internationally recognized expert on the Internet manifestations of racism. She is the author of two books about race and various forms of media, White Lies (1997) and Cyber Racism (2009), as well as dozens of peer-reviewed articles in journals such as New Media & Society, Gender & Society, American Journal of Public Health, and Women’s Studies Quarterly.

More from Jesse at: @JessieNYC