Jay-Z is Back! But Is He Still Capitalist? Tory Minister Deploys Obscure Slur, and Silicon Valley CEOs Grovel

“A Tory MP Has Had The Whip Suspended For Using Racist Language,” Buzzfeed https://www.buzzfeed.com/jimwaterson/a-tory-mp-has-described-a-potential-no-deal-brexit-as-the?utm_term=.ihmkDrXG0#.rtQPAexRj

What’s Up? Michael and Phil discuss the impressive release by Jay-z, 4:44.

What’s Next? “How the Tech World Apologizes,” The Ringer https://theringer.com/tech-silicon-valley-women-sexual-harassment-fixes-listening-b31aa1ff5318

DitC: P: “Spider-Man: Blue” limited series. “Craven’s Last Hunt,” Spider Man series. M: “Archer,” TV Show